Removing Computer Viruses and Malware Removal

Removing Computer Viruses

Windows Virus Removal Explained

This site contains a mixed bag of hints, tips, and articles aimed at removing infections and protecting your computer. It will focus on removing computer viruses and protection, but also includes related topics like organization, and optimization of your PC.

Every day, it seems like the amount of spyware, scumware, viruses, and all other types of malware increases.  Not only is there more of it, but ridding your computer of the infections is getting harder as well.  Luckily, there is software that can, in most cases, get your computer back into good shape.

On this site, you will find what you need to fight the malware battle.  My goal is to show you the methods and tools you need to remove malware from your computer.  It's not like the good old days, when one piece of software could do everything needed to protect and fix a computer.  In today's situation, you need multiple software products and different methods to completely clean your computer.

One thing that has stayed constant though, is my objective of finding free or low cost solutions to problems. I like saving money, and only spend it for things that have more desired features, or save me time and work.

The majority of virus cleaning software suggested on this site is free.  Just because the programs are free doesn't mean they are not effective though.  They do their jobs, and do them well.  Some of the others, while not free, have a free trial period you can use them with full functionality.   Any suggested tools that require payment, have features/functions, that in my opinion, make them worth purchasing.

In the different sections of this site I will tell you what tools are needed to safely and effectively help you do what is needed.  In most cases, I will give links to websites where you can download the applications.  Be aware that these links can change, so you might have to do a search to find the new ones.  In that case, Google will be your friend.

After you download the needed tools, I try to give general instructions for configuring them.  A few of the tools  are too complicated to do this though, so you might have to get the instructions or documentation from their site.  A lot of them also have forums that can give worthwhile tips and help. 

Just having the tools won't get the job done right though.  You also need to know the techniques and ways to use them.  This includes what order to run them in, and what options to select. 

Windows virus removal is a complex operation.  Thankfully, the software that I recommend will take care of most procedures.  I try to make things as easy as this subject allows, by breaking things down into steps that most people can follow. 

So explore the different sections and check back occasionally, as I'm constantly adding to and revising the site. 

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